My True Colours

At first I shall be honest I did not want to reveal the team I support, I thought its better to be neutral. I did not want to be biased when we came to planning social media content and really had no intention of going in the footsteps of a fan club TV channel. Somehow I think that’s about to change with the plan I have for the office though! Be warned, as I have some crazy ideas and normally go ahead with them.

I grew up in the 80’s I’m old school, I remember the Liverpool team flowing football, grit and grind in the middle of the park and elegant at the back. That was a team and I did admire them. They were winning, come one we all take a liking to winners. They dominated the league in that era.

I loved football growing up and to be honest still do, hence why we have Futtymania LOL. I would play whenever I had the chance, be it after school, before school, even in school that’s all we did. I remember changing into my trainers when it was close to the end of the lesson before lunch just so we did not waste playing time.

I remember revising for my GCSE’s and the way I revised was walking up and down a room with a football at my feet, I suppose that says it all about the results. Football on a whole is what fascinates me, everyone wants to be a professional and I’m not denying it growing up that’s all I wanted to do, but the managing aspect appeals more to me. I love formations, the challenge of managing I thrive on, changing tactics when you are winning or loosing, I actually find myself studying the match more than watching it and shouting pass it him when I see someone in space or someone out of position.

OH MY GOSH, I just remembered, Ceefax, who remembers that? They had a page dedicated to teams. You would send in your team of 11 players, sometimes it was worst haircut, best left footers etc.… I used to send a team in every week and at times my chose team appeared with my name. In todays era that was like getting a retweet of your favourite follower. Ha Ha

So before we go on, anyone who reads this or knows anyone I want to get into football management so sort the hook up out.

Aside from my love of Football in general my team alliance is not with the team mentioned at the start of this blog but actually their fierce rivals, Manchester United. I was born in Manchester, grew up and played football in Manchester so it was inevitable I followed my roots. I am lucky enough to say I watched the united of old who totally dominated the league and now called the Premiership. I remember watching the great players of that era: Schmeichel, Irwin, Bruce, Blackmore, Mc Clair, Hughes, King Cantona (to name a few) and the main man who I adored: Bryan Robson. A tough tackling midfielder who would get stuck in and he was the captain, Captain Marvel a fitting name.

I have not elaborated further on more players and especially modern day players as I am leaving this for future blogs which will be interesting, may even pull out a few teams and formations and take it old school.