Formation and Tactics

Initial Ideas

When I decided on this venture I was undecided on the name, I had so many ideas going through my head. ‘The big inflatable company’ was one, another ‘big fun inflatables’. I wanted the essence of fun to come out through the name.

After going back to the drawing board and theoretically my tactics boards I decided to change my formation and my vision. I decided big inflatables games were not the right path to go down. My love and passion for football was coming out more and more, so I decided this was it, we are going to do football inflatable games, lets bring back the ‘old skool’, popular games and transform them into football orientated fun for everyone.

The Breakthrough

My games and products were sorted, I knew what I wanted, and some never came to plan because they would have been far too big, some not worth the investment but I just wanted something that would be big and exclusive. The ‘big and exclusive product’ was designed and implemented.

Now the name, ‘the big inflatable company’ was high on the list but it just did not tick all the boxes. Football was the key, like a manager deciding on his formation and tactics before a game I was literally writing names for fun, then it hit, my new signing, a record breaking deal, welcome to the family… Futty Mania.

Why "Futty Mania"?

It just made sense… all the products would start off with football orientated games, and additional products would feature around football. Now if I were to explain further I would be telling you what’s planned for future so I will stop.

Football related products, causing people to have fun and become fanatics, maniacs, I wanted people who played on the products to have fun cause excitement or euphoria so it was decided we would the brand Futty Mania. To be honest looking at our plan and vision for the future we wanted to sponsor clubs and look to open our own centre so Futty Mania just made sense.

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Now the secret has been revealed to Futty Mania our plan is to stick to our plan and tactics, changing them when we need to adjust to strong oppositions. I am trying to make it sound so football related that I doubt if I am making sense, so to conclude this first blog, this is how Futty Mania came about, what we have planned is exciting so I advise you guys to give us a follow on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the excitement and euphoria Futty Mania creates.