Welcome to Futtymania Academy Futtymania Academy is the premier destination for aspiring football players seeking top-notch training and a supportive community. With a reputation for excellence, we have attracted players from far and wide, all eager to develop new skills, indulge their passion for the game, and forge lifelong friendships. Our commitment to creating a fun and inclusive environment sets us apart, catering to players of all ages and abilities.

Unleash the Joy of Play At Futtymania Academy, our focus is on fostering enjoyment and ensuring children look forward to each session. We understand that it may take time for players to fully engage and build confidence, especially in a new sport and amongst unfamiliar faces. However, rest assured that our dedicated coaches will work tirelessly to support their development and instill a sense of self-assurance. By the end of each session, your child will embody the true spirit of a Futtymaniac.

Introducing Futtymania FC

Driven by the tremendous growth of Futtymania and its Academy, we proudly present Futtymania FC—a platform for players to take their training and football journey to new heights. Our Under 7 and Under 9 teams provide an opportunity for young players to compete at the grassroots level, nurturing their talent and creating a fun-filled environment.

Join the Futtymania Family

At Futtymania FC, we believe in the power of teamwork, self-discipline, and a passion for success. By becoming a part of our club, players will engage in friendly competition against peers of their age group, gaining valuable experience and honing their skills while having a great time.

Diverse Training Sessions

Discover our comprehensive range of training sessions designed for all age groups. Each session is specifically tailored to the respective age group, focusing on teaching essential skill sets and ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.



Join us for Futtymania Academy sessions held at Lady Barn House School, located at Schools Hill, Cheadle, SK8 1JE. Our convenient and accessible venue ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.


To make the most of each session, we kindly request participants to bring their own named water bottles. Please note that all sessions take place on outdoor Astro turf. Players are required to arrive wearing the official Futtymania FC Kit and suitable boots or trainers for Astro turf surfaces. We recommend dressing appropriately for the weather and pitch conditions.

To avoid any confusion or loss of personal items, we kindly ask that you label your child’s water bottle, jackets, and other belongings.

For the safety of all participants, children who wear glasses are required to wear sports glasses or goggles during the sessions. If your child relies on an inhaler, please ensure they bring it with them and keep it alongside their named water bottle. Failure to have an inhaler present may result in the child being unable to participate in the session.

Please note that sessions will proceed as scheduled unless otherwise notified. In the event of unsafe weather conditions, our team will contact you to confirm the cancellation of the session. If you do not receive a notification, it indicates that the session will proceed as planned. In case of cancellation, a replacement session will be arranged for a later date (fixed date). If a child is unable to attend a session, it will be considered a missed session and cannot be replaced.