Academy Session Booking

This form is to be completed by the parent/guardian at the start of each season. Parents/guardians are responsible for informing the club of any changes that may affect the childs ability to participate. It is your responsibility to ensure that the measures the club has put in place to manage any risks, including its Covid-19 risk mitigation strategies are strictly followed inline with government guidelines. Providing consent for your child to participate in 2020/21 season confirms that you understand the activities being offered to your child and agree to comply with the measures that the club has put in place.

    Initial Details
    I agree to the club holding the health, medical and/or medication data I have provided below to ensure my child’s safety and to take appropriate action to ensure their wellbeing (tick box to agree, leave blank to disagree). I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time, though this may result in my child being unable to participate in the club’s activities.

    Anyone who has had COVID-19 must have clearance from their own doctor before returning to football, especially those who had symptoms for more than 7 days.

    Does your child have any known health needs? e.g. diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, allergies (tick as applicable):

    If yes, please complete the 'Current Medication' section below.
    Current Medication
    Does your child have any communication needs e.g. non-English speaker/hearing impairment/sign language user/dyslexia. If yes please tell us what we need to do to enable him/her to communicate with us?
    Images and Footage

    At times throughout the season the club may wish to take photos or videos of the team or individuals in it. We adhere to The FA Guidelines to ensure these are safe and respectful and used solely for the purposes for which they are intended, which is promotion and celebration of the activities of the club and for training purposes.

    I confirm that my child is not subject to any family, care or legal proceedings which would impact the ability of the club to take photos or videos of my child and, if photos or videos were taken, that would not adversely affect the safety of my child.
    I agree to the club being able to take photos and videos during this season of my child. I understand that I can withdraw my consent for this at any time during the season by notifying the club.
    Permission of Parent or Carer

    I give permission for my child to participate in Futty Mania football club's events and agree to the conditions outlined above.

    All Sessions are £50 for 6 Saturday sessions.

    Please make your payment using the following bank details:

    Account Name: Futtymania

    Account Number: 31674607

    Sort Code: 010393