Sourcing entertainment for your wedding guests could turn out to be complex and knowing where to start can be a daunting prospect. Every wedding, large or small, lavish or simple needs entertainment.

This is where Futtymania can help by planning a tailor made exclusive entertainment package for the big day.

With a dedicated team of fully trained staff and regular tested equipment our equipment is to be enjoyed by all. Even the bride and groom may get a kick in.

Package One consists of The Futty Golf and The Futty Bowling equipment. This package is ideal if you are limited to space and want some different entertainment. Futtymania can provide staffing for the equipment where they can organise short fun games to keep the guests entertained at an additional cost. The equipment is suitable for adults and children also.



Package Two consists of the Popular Futty Pool Table. If you want to make a statement this is a must. Measuring at 7mx4m this Futty Pool table will add a further WOW factor and keep the guests happy and entertained. We advise to take out staffing on this product as we can control high numbers of guests and provide short fun games to ensure everyone gets a turn on this famous piece of kit. The Futty Pool table is perfect for children and adults.



Package Three brings together all three of the wooden equipment. This is perfect for large number of guests, and can be set up either all together or in multiple locations of the venue to control the number of guests. If the equipment is set up using the latter method having trained staff will be beneficial to allow you to enjoy the special day. This equipment is suitable for adults and children.



Package Four is not only our most popular but most suited to the wedding season. This includes the Futty Pool Table, Futty Golf, Futty Bowling and the Training Ground. This ensures kids are kept entertained and bouncing round whilst the adults can enjoy some networking and mingling around the wooden equipment. This package is most commonly assisted with Futtymania staffing who are trained in keeping guests entertained but also organising short fun games where all guests get to participate. We recommend in this package all the equipment is suitable for both children and adults.



*Please note a set up fee will incur depending on location of the wedding event. For more information please email