Futtymania 18pc Speed & Agility Training Set

The Futtymania Speed and Agility Set features 18 different pieces of equipment. The set includes 12 cones, this is made up of 3 colours: blue, yellow and red 4pcs each. The cones are 15inch high and have holes where they can be used at a further 3 different height such as 6, 9 or 12inch. The set also includes 6poles all 1m long. This multi use training set is great to set up many different training sessions, the cones can be used alone to dribble around, and the different colours can add variation to your drill. The poles can be used for agility by jumping and by using the different heights you can further test your ability. The Futtymania 18pc training set comes in its own carry bag making it easy to store and transport.


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