Futtymania Summer Camp

About The Camp

Futtymania is pleased to announce the start of the Summer Camp with a new indoor/outdoor venue and regulations to ensure everyone’s safety. Please ensure you have thoroughly read the guidelines below before your child attends any of our sessions.

Self-checks before attending the Summer Camp. If any child or parent develops any of the below symptoms:

  • A high temperature (above 37.8C)
  • Has developed a new continuous cough
  • Loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell

They are advised to not attend the session and inform the Futtymania team of their absence, and follow NHS guidelines for further support.

The Futtymania Camp is a safe and professionally run football coaching program. We specialise in Football Coaching, and structured leisure on state of the art bespoke equipment. The camp is exclusively for children aged 5-12 years.

It is our goal to ensure every child feels included within our program and gains something from every session, no matter their age or ability. Our flexible slots allow peace of mind for parents to select days that are most convenient for them. We offer full days starting from 8.30am-5pm.

The Futtymania equipment has the children excited and intrigued to take part in the activities from the word go. We create the WOW factor by offering state of the art products and services and work hard to energise and educate children everyday through our specifically designed sports and coaching programmes.

We use the Futtymania equipment as a fun additional coaching tool to help keep the children engaged and focused at their skill development. The equipment offers fun and physical benefits along with social and emotional well-being.

We offer consistently high standards of professional ethics, and work together as a team. We are emotionally positive and this stems from Futtymania’s globally recognised mission and vision.

Please Note: Your child will be required to bring a packed lunch and snacks along with a water bottle for duration of the day. Your child will require a pair of indoor and outdoor footwear, a change of clothes is also advised.

Please ensure your child’s lunch does not contain any traces of nuts, the Futtymania Camp is a nut free camp.

The Program

The Futtymania program operates a coach to pupil ratio of 1-15

The sessions must comply with our mission, to ensure the children have FUN

We change the sessions accordingly to ensure the children are learning and developing and sessions are not repetitive and boring.

We use the Futtymania equipment to allow the children to take part in FUN structured games

With it being a summer camp we want the baseline of the sessions to be fun and enjoyable- which is what the equipment offers

We have designed a rough time plan of how the days run, this is a guideline for parents and coaches and can be subject to change

Our structured session plans are inspired by professional FA coaches and ensure the children develop their skills efficiently and as they should.

To reward the children at the end of the day we have an awards ceremony, awards are given for the player of the day and for children showing positive attitudes in terms of behaviour. This ensures we reinforce positive behaviour and keep the children focused on learning. Reward and encouragement will remit further dedication and hard work and will keep them motivated.

A safeguarding officer and first aiders are on site for the duration of the Futtymania Program. This ensures parents have peace of mind their children are cared for in a professional manner.

Futtymania FC Program

Please note this is a rough guideline of how the day is planned, times and activities could be subject to change on the day, however the children will not be compromised on any aspect of learning or fun with the Futtymania FC Program. If you require further information on the day and the sessions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help. enquiry@futtymania.co.uk

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08.00 Arrival Activities Arrival Activities Arrival Activities Arrival Activities Arrival Activities
09.00 Tactics and formations Tactics and formations Tactics and formations Tactics and formations Tactics and formations
09.15 Futtymania Session Futtymania Session Futtymania Session Futtymania Session Futtymania Session
10.15 Break Break Break Break Break
10.30 Futtymania Equipment Futtymania Equipment Futtymania Equipment Futtymania Equipment Futtymania Equipment
11.30 Break Break Break Break Break
11.45 Street Football Street Football Street Football Street Football Street Football
12.30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13.30 Futtymania Session Futtymania Session Futtymania Session Futtymania Session Futtymania Session
14.30 Break Break Break Break Break
14.45 Futtymania Equipment Futtymania Equipment Futtymania Equipment Futtymania Equipment Futtymania Equipment
15.45 Break Break Break Break Break
16.00 Tournament Tournament Tournament Tournament Tournament
17.00 Awards ceremony Awards ceremony Awards ceremony Awards ceremony Awards ceremony
  • Arrival activities: These are short fun games children can play when they arrive, this can involve fun games such as tag or ball related games, and general warm up activities.
  • Tactics and formations: This is where the coaches talk about the day and sessions planned and is a good way of getting the children together as a team
  • Futtymania Session: This is the planned session from our head FA Coach and involves the use of a football. It is based around the FA learning model of ball mastery, passing and receiving, dribbling and running with the ball, shooting and finishing. We will focus on one topic per day, so as to provide the utmost attention to develop each capability and skill.
  • Breaks: Involve quick toilet runs, water breaks and a chance for the children to talk about the sessions and see what they have done and learnt. This is very good for their development and involves positive feedback and follows the FA plan-do-review model.
  • Futtymania Equipment: This involves the use of one of the Futtymania equipment where children play FUN structured games. We try and use a different piece of equipment per day. Please note this is dependent on outside bookings we may have away from the Futtymania Academy Program.
  • Street Football: This involves different Futtymania challenges such as the bin challenge or tyre challenge. Again it will be a lot of FUN and will teach the children various skills of how to control the ball and do something different with it.
  • Lunch: This is a time for the children to relax and refuel but also to have free play with friends and a chance to interact amongst themselves under the continued supervision of staff.
  • Tournament: Children take part in matches, play amongst each other via mini tournaments and get the chance to be a part of team. This is a chance for them to play football on a structured forum and to show what they have learnt during the day.
  • Awards Ceremony: A chance to reward the children for their efforts during the day. Motivation and encouragement are key to boosting morale and confidence and keeping the children engaged in their learning.


Futtymania summer camp is available for booking for the following weeks (Monday to Friday):

Camp 1 (July 26th – July 30th 2021)
Camp 2 (August 16th – August 20th)
Camp 3 (August 23rd – August 27th)